Carole's Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service


avatarI just wanted to drop you a line to express our thanks for the marvellous pet sitting service you provided while we were on holiday. We used to ask a cat loving neighbour to come to our house and look after Benny while we were away but we always came home to a cat who was rather stressed. Admittedly he was much happier than when we had ever left him in a cattery but he was still never quite himself. Our neighbour wasn’t available this time so I started ringing the people on a list from my vet. I was impressed from the start and Carole was lovely when we met her; very courteous and professional, with a collection of references and good answers to all my questions and concerns. I got a couple of reassuring text messages to let me know everything was fine while we were away - Carole didn’t seem to be the least bit phased with my constant worrying!

I was amazed when we got home... Ben was so happy, it was almost like we’d never been away. His demeanour was more like we’d been out at work only for the day, not on holiday for over a week. And then we found out about everything else Carole had done for us while we were away; a parcel arrived that she collected, plants were regularly watered, bread and milk were in the fridge when we got back and it turns out she’d stopped a huge invasion of ants! Apparently there were thousands of them, marching in a line from the back door to the kitchen. Carole stopped them coming into the house with spray, got rid of the dead ones with the hoover and moved food out of their path. I shudder to think what state the house would have been in without her, we were so grateful.

I can’t recommend the service highly enough; you’re house will be looked after, you can stay in touch if you want and most important of all your pet will probably be much happier, having stayed in their own home and got regular friendly contact.

Thanks so much, we’ll definitely call next time we go away.

John and Hazel owners of Benny
avatarWe are very pleased to recommend “Carole’s Pet Sitting Service”, because of the very kind, considerate and professional way the have looked after our Weimeraner. Both Carole and Ray have at all times taken great care of “Oscar”, whether this was while walking or looking after him in our home. It can be difficult trusting “strangers” with your beloved pet and allowing them into your home while you are out, but this has never been a worry with Carole and Ray. They have always shown a great deal of respect for both Oscar and our home. By allowing them to do this we have been able to enjoy various holidays knowing that Oscar is being well cared for and not sat in a lonely kennel.

Mr & Mrs R, Swindon, owner of Oscar
avatarCarole and Ray are exceptional. Nothing short of marvelous actually. I love my dog to the point of madness and he is a constant source of concern for me; he is big, fluffy and lovely and he is my whole heart. Naturally, I am very particular about whom I leave him with, but I never give Charlie Dog a second thought when he is in their care. I boldly go where no dog owner has gone before because I know they are just as mad about him as I am. They are completely reliable and have never let me down - not once. I cannot imagine what I would do without them.

J. Bloomfield owner and adorer of Charlie Dog